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The big question..."Can I use marble in my kitchen?"

I am asked this question everyday, "Can I use marble in my kitchen?". The next thing they say is that someone told them they should NEVER use marble for kitchen countertops. My thought on the subject is.......YES, I would use it in my kitchen. A couple of things to think about if you are considering marble for your kitchen countertops: 1. There is a difference in types of marble, for instance I would not consider using black or dark brown marbles because they are not as dense as the lighter marble and they are more susceptible to scratches, water marks, soap marks, rings, etc. You can use the darker colors for other areas, just not great for a kitchen. 2. Accept marble and stone for what it is, it is natural stone. The beauty of it is it's imperfections and the way it ages. I love a marble countertop that is a hundred years old,it has patina and marks from the life it has lived and so will yours. Honestly, there isn't anyhting you could do to it that hasn't been done before so, there is usually a solution to whatever problem you create. Think of it like this, they have used marble in Europe for countertops for a long time and us Americans love it when we see them, we aren't critiquing it and pointing out every flaw, we say "wow look at that" it must be a hundred years old and we appreicate it for what it is. 3. I always recommend honing because etching is the most common complaint with marble countertops and the honed finish does not show rings and marks as much as polished. However, if you have marble countertops and the polished surface has etched, the polished surface can usually be brought back if you have a pro resurface it (like us). If you can accept that it will not be perfect forever then you would enjoy marble countertops, if you can't let's look at other options like quartz....more on that in another blog.

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