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Embrace Elegant Design with a Walker Zanger Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Tile mosaics and backsplashes can be works of art. The key is to begin with high-quality tile or natural stone products. Then you need to choose a backsplash pattern that suits your design tastes and the space and, finally, you need to hire experienced tile professionals who will do an impeccable job.

At Inside Effects, we can help you check all three of those items off your list when you opt for an elegant Walker Zanger ceramic tile backsplash.

If You Like High-Quality Tile Designs You'll Love Walker Zanger

Walker Zanger has been in the business of high-quality and gorgeous natural stone and tile for more than six decades. They source their materials from the best quarries on the planet, including sites located in Italy, France and other European countries. After evaluating and selecting the best cuts of rock, the slabs are passed to some of the world's most talented stone artisans who deliver and outstanding selection of finished products.

For the past six decades, Walker Zanger has forged connections with families who have managed and worked in the quarries for generations. They pass this same level of human connectivity to their clients through superior tile options and customer service.

Ready to celebrate your new bathroom or kitchen design with an elegant tile backsplash? Contact us at Inside Effects and ask about Walker Zanger.

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