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August 2014

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How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Vanity Design

 for a remodeling project depends on which bathroom it is, the size of the space and your design tastes. Ideally, your bathroom vanity should fit proportionally within the space. For this reason, the vanity you select for a powder room will be much different than the one you choose for your master bathroom.Keeping these… View More


Choose the Best Fireplace Design for Your Lifestyle

If you're remodeling your home, you can use the opportunity to redesign your fireplace. There are so many different options out there, from modern to traditional, simple and eclectic.Take a look at the following examples and be inspired while choosing a fireplace design that suits your tastes and lifestyle.No kids? If you don't have children, you can get creative. Check out… View More


Create a Soothing Bathroom Design with Blue

The modern bathroom has evolved from a utilitarian space to one that serves as an in-home sanctuary. For this reason, homeowners often seek relaxing design motifs for their bathroom remodels. A blue bathroom design is a great way to achieve a retreat-like atmosphere.Here are a few ideas for using blue in… View More


Embrace Elegant Design with a Walker Zanger Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Tile mosaics and backsplashes can be works of art. The key is to begin with high-quality tile or natural stone products. Then you need to choose a backsplash pattern that suits your design tastes and the space and, finally, you need to hire experienced tile professionals who will do an impeccable job.At Inside… View More


Choosing the Perfect Laundry Room Design

At Inside Effects we always try to find the perfect balance between looks and function, but if there's any room in the house where function may trump aesthetics it's the laundry room. The following suggestions can help to guide you when you're designing a laundry room.Washable surfaces. Laundry rooms are susceptible to moisture, lint,… View More

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